Who is EMS Restoration?

We are San Diego's Restoration Authority

EMS Restoration: Your Trusted Partner in Damage Restoration


Welcome to EMS Restoration, your unwavering ally in navigating the complexities of water damage emergencies, fire damage challenges, and mold issues. Our sole mission is to not only bring your property back to life but also to restore your peace of mind amidst distressing situations.


Veteran Owned & Operated: Proudly Serving Southern California


As a company founded and operated by veterans, we hold our roots in the principles of discipline, dedication, and service. Proudly serving the Southern California community, our commitment to excellence resonates in every project we undertake. Your satisfaction is not just a goal – it’s a guarantee.


Our Core Values Define Us


  1. Integrity: The cornerstones of EMS Restoration are honesty and professionalism. Transparency is the bedrock of our approach, ensuring you’re kept informed at every stage of the restoration process. Your property is more than a space – it’s a canvas we paint with expertise and dedication.


  1. Dependability: Challenges may arise, but rest assured, we stand steadfast by your side. Our team is more than a workforce; we are your reliable partners, guiding you through the journey with unwavering support. And to underscore our commitment to quality, all our work is backed by a comprehensive 1-year warranty.


  1. Reliability: Disasters don’t follow a schedule, which is why we are available round the clock for emergency restoration services. No matter when you need us, we’re here to respond swiftly and lead you towards the complete restoration of your property.


When you choose EMS Restoration, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re forging a partnership with professionals who share your vision of a safe, restored environment. Reach out to us today and take the first step in reclaiming your property’s vitality.


Your Restoration Partner,

Joseph A Fiasco

Founder, EMS Restoration


Expertise and Certifications


Our team boasts extensive training and certifications, including IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT), Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT), Trauma and Crime Scene Technician (TCST), and OSHA-certified HAZWOPER-40. Additionally, we are licensed and bonded by the California State Licensing Board (CSLB).


A Military Background and Dedication to Excellence


Before venturing into damage restoration, I served as an Engineering Army Officer with the Texas Army National Guard, leading both Vertical and Horizontal construction projects. This experience has honed my skills in translating visions into reality through effective project planning and execution.


Advocating for Clients with Insurance Claims


Over the years, I have assisted over a thousand customers with insurance claims, adeptly utilizing Xactimate and negotiating on their behalf. This ensures rightful reimbursement for the necessary restoration work, effectively returning their homes to pre-damage conditions.


Medical Expertise for Trauma Management


My wife, Nicole, is an integral part of EMS Restoration. As a Registered Nurse in California with over two decades of ICU experience in leading hospitals, her expertise adds depth to our Trauma Manager role. With compassion and dedication, Nicole ensures clients facing challenging times receive both technical proficiency and empathetic support.


Committed to Financial Solutions


We understand that financial constraints can hinder necessary restoration. Hence, we offer flexible financing and extended repayment options. Mold-related issues, often not covered by insurance, are too significant to ignore. Our solutions ensure both cost-efficiency and the health of those inhabiting the property.


In partnering with EMS Restoration, you’re collaborating with professionals dedicated to comprehensive solutions, integrity, and your satisfaction. We’re not just restoring properties; we’re restoring lives. Contact us today to embark on the journey of revitalizing your space.

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